Protect your ideas

Intellectual Property can be a valuable asset to a small business. But it is often overlooked.

Build A Business can help you understand the importance of IP and how you can take steps to protect your ideas, products and services. We can also explain how it’s important to make sure you don’t use someone else’s IP without their permission.


Why is IP important?


  • Its important to think about IP from the start of your business journey
  • Identify your IP assets and consider protecting them as you build up reputation and good will in your business and brand
  • Consider IP as part of your business planning
  • All businesses will have some form of IP – from logos an products to designs and artistic work and more
  • Helps to prevent your ideas and brand from being used without permission, causing loss of income
  • How will you be affected if someone sets up a new business using your name?
  • What if you inadvertently use a business name that belongs to someone else?
  • There are different types of protection covering different aspects of your business – it can be relatively cheap and easy to gain protection